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PROXiP is a firm of specialists in Intellectual Property. The firm was founded in 2004 by two patent attorneys in order to deliver quality services adapted to the requirements of companies of all sizes.

Our team has in-depth expertise in Intellectual Property Rights. This expertise has been acquired over many years working in the Intellectual Property departments of international industrial groups and in patent firms. Thanks to their rich and varied backgrounds, each of our specialists can offer extensive experience, rigour and efficiency in a wide range of fields including the main technological sectors (electronics, mechanics, physics, software).

In addition, our fluency in several languages, especially English, emphasises PROXiP's international outlook. Our specialists draw up numerous patent applications in English and are involved in many procedures whose official language is English. This fluency is highly appreciated by our international clients.

PROXiP's specialists adapt to your requirements:

If your company has an in-house Intellectual Property department, our team can provide additional support on a flexible basis. If your company has no specific expertise in Intellectual Property, our team can help you define and implement an Intellectual Property strategy tailored to your requirements, your markets, precisely matching your resources. An increasing number of small and medium sized companies welcome the advice and professionalism of our specialists.

In a climate of market globalisation, protection is often required at international scale. To optimise the protection of your innovations, PROXiP can represent your company at European level and, in particular, in France and in The Netherlands. For other parts of the world, PROXiP works with a network of partners, especially in the US and Canada.

Lastly, PROXiP offers companies and firms outside the European Union high-level technical and legal expertise to represent them before the European Patent Office (EPO), the Office for Harmonisation of the Internal Market (OHIM), the French National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI) and the Dutch Patent Office. Through highly efficient organisation, clients benefit from PROXiP's services under attractive financial conditions.

PROXiP uses the most recent IT and telecommunication tools in order to provide you with more flexibility, confidentiality and security. PROXiP is therefore closer to you and to your needs in Intellectual Property.

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